Q. What do I do with my earthquake related waste and is the Council reimbursing residents for the costs for disposing of earthquake waste at refuse stations?

We do not offer free disposal via any of its transfer stations for earthquake generated waste. You will need to pay site by cheque, cash or EFTPOS. Please keep your receipts for all paid transactions as your insurance company may reimburse these.

Please do no bury or burn demolition waste as it may contain hazardous materials, such as asbestos.

As the Waiau transfer station has sustained earthquake damage, please allow additional time for your visit and to ensure the safety of those on site, please follow the guidance of staff at all times, do not exceed 10kph and make sure children remain in the vehicles while on site.

Demolition waste is only accepted at Amberley transfer station, please contact us for advice about obtaining a skip for managing this form of waste.

You can find out what can be recycled at our transfer stations here. And you can find the information about our fees and charges here.

Q. Are there boil water notices in place still?

Some temporary and permanent boil water notices are in place in the Hurunui. These can be found here.

Q. Where can I find information about the science behind the earthquake?

Geonet has a series of blogs explaining the science behind different aspects of the earthquake and its impacts. You can read about it here.

Q. How can I find out about the landslip dams caused by the quakes?

Environment Canterbury has established a page dedicated to dams caused by landslides as a result of the earthquake. It is updated as new information comes available. Click here to read about it.

Q. Can I still use the river down-stream of a landslip dam?

Please stay away from landslip dams and the riverbanks downstream as the dams are at risk of breaking and flooding riverbeds and surrounding areas.

Q. I have a septic tank which I suspect maybe damaged from the earthquakes. Will the Council assess this for me?

We are not assessing septic tanks. If your septic tank is damaged by the earthquakes then you need to contact your insurance company and find a certified wastewater service provider to carry out repairs - look in the Yellow Pages™ under Drainage Contractors & Consultants or Septic Tank Services. You will need to check with our Council building team and Environment Canterbury (0800 324 636) to see if you need a building or resource consent to carry out repairs or replacement. This document outlines the consenting requirements for fixing damaged wastewater system following the 14 November earthquake

Please contact us if the source of your drinking water is near a damaged septic tank (e.g. well or bore) and stop using your septic system if you notice sewage overflows from the tank or gully trap.