Financial support and economic recovery

Q. Can I get rates remission because I can no longer live in my home?

Some properties damaged by the earthquakes which have become uninhabitable for the remainder of 2016/2017 rating year may be eligible for rates remission. To read the policy please click here and to here is the Rates Remission Form

Q. Can I get financial support from the government?

Support from the Ministry of Social Development is available to individuals and businesses while you manage the impact of the earthquakes – you can find more information here.

The Mayoral Fund is now open with two grants. The Personal Hardship Grant is open for applications from individuals and a community wellbeing grant is open for applications from groups and organisations. You can read more about these and find the application forms here.

Q. I own a business and we have been affected by the earthquakes and the aftermath – what support can I get?

Michele Wilson has been seconded from the Ministry of Social Development to Enterprise North Canterbury to meet business owners face to face and offer them support through the recovery. Michele is developing a toolkit of services and resources to support businesses – including one to one assessments; action plans for recovery and referrals to appropriate organisations and coaches where necessary. She can also advise on eligibility for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise vouchers covering up to 50% of costs of coaching/training for businesses.

You may have already come across Michele and she is continuing to reach out to business owners to discuss their business situation. However, if you have a more urgent need for support please get in touch with her to discuss your situation. You can email her at or call the ENC offices on 0272 666 421.