Proposed Hurunui District Plan as Amended by Decisions 2016

Clause 16 (2) provides for Local Authorities to make amendments to a proposed plan to correct any minor errors where the alteration will have a minor effect. A list of minor corrections made can be found here.

Six appeals have been received, mediation is in progress. The appeals lodged can be viewed here.

The E-plan version can be viewed here.


Clean version 

Highlighted version 

Full plan pdf pdf
1: Introduction pdf pdf
2: Ngai Tahu Resource Management Values pdf pdf
3: Rural pdf pdf
4: Settlements pdf pdf
5: Subdivision pdf pdf
6: Access to Rivers, Lakes and Riparian Margins pdf pdf
7: Energy pdf pdf
8: Transportation pdf pdf
9: Utilities pdf pdf
10: Freshwater pdf pdf
11: Landscape pdf pdf
12: Coastal Environment pdf pdf
13: Biodiversity pdf pdf
14: Heritage pdf pdf
15: Natural Hazards pdf pdf
16: Waste Management pdf pdf
17: Hazardous Substances pdf pdf
18: Contaminated Land pdf pdf
19: Financial Contributions pdf pdf
20: Definitions pdf pdf
Settlements map series pdf pdf
Rural map series pdf pdf