Proposed Hurunui District Plan as Amended by Decisions 2016

Clause 16 (2) provides for Local Authorities to make amendments to a proposed plan to correct any minor errors where the alteration will have a minor effect. A list of minor corrections made can be found here.

Six appeals have been received, mediation is expected to occur from late April to late May 2017. The appeals lodged can be viewed here.


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Full plan pdf pdf
1: Introduction pdf pdf
2: Ngai Tahu Resource Management Values pdf pdf
3: Rural pdf pdf
4: Settlements pdf pdf
5: Subdivision pdf pdf
6: Access to Rivers, Lakes and Riparian Margins pdf pdf
7: Energy pdf pdf
8: Transportation pdf pdf
9: Utilities pdf pdf
10: Freshwater pdf pdf
11: Landscape pdf pdf
12: Coastal Environment pdf pdf
13: Biodiversity pdf pdf
14: Heritage pdf pdf
15: Natural Hazards pdf pdf
16: Waste Management pdf pdf
17: Hazardous Substances pdf pdf
18: Contaminated Land pdf pdf
19: Financial Contributions pdf pdf
20: Definitions pdf pdf
Settlements map series pdf pdf
Rural map series pdf pdf