Council Decision Document

This report sets out the recommendations of the Hearing Panel on decisions on provisions and matters raised in submissions to the Proposed Hurunui District Plan 2015.

These recommendations were adopted by the Council at its meeting on 22 September 2016.

The decision document follows a similar structure to the officer Section 42A reports, following a chapter layout with a discussion on the notified provisions, submissions, Council decision on changes to provisions and then reasons for each topic.

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By Chapter:
Hearing Panel Amendment
Whole Plan; 1: Introduction; 2: Ngai Tahu Resource Management Values; 19: Financial Contributions
3: Rural
4: Settlements
5: Subdivisions
6: Access to Rivers, Lakes and Riparian Margins
7: Energy
8: Transportation
9: Utilities
10: Freshwater
11: Landscape
12: Coastal Environment
13: Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity
14: Heritage
15: Natural Hazards

16: Waste Management; 17: Hazardous Substances; 18: Contaminated Land