District Plan Review Background

What is a District Plan review and why is it needed? 

The Resource Management Act (RMA) requires Council to begin the process of reviewing a District Plan after a 10 year period. The District Plan Review is required to follow the process set out in Schedule 1 of the RMA, which identifies the relevant timeframes, public submission rights and decision making processes. Public input into the review is essential to ensure that the District Plan meets the needs and expectations of those who will be living and working here in the future, and the Council has engaged in a wide range of consultation in developing the plan. This submission process is a further opportunity for public involvement.

Proposed District Plan

Following consultation with the public, stakeholders and interest groups, and analysis of issues and options by the Council, the Council has prepared the Proposed District Plan. This was notified on Saturday 2 May 2015 with the submission period ending on 3 July 2015. Council officers are now summarising the submissions.  A Summary of Decisions Requested will likely be notified in August, with the further submission period running for 10 working days.

A copy of the material sent to all Hurunui District ratepayers can be found on the links below:

Proposed District Plan ProcessMore information regarding the District Plan Review process can be found on the Ministry for the Environment’s website

Submissions Guidance

Submissions closed on the 3 July 2015 and further submissions closed on 9 October 2015.  All submissions and further submissions, along with a summary of decisions requested can be viewed by clicking here.

Council Reports & Workshops

A range of workshops have been held with Councillors and Council staff to discuss the Proposed District Plan.  Council have provided staff with feedback and suggested changes for our intended direction.  Links to reports summarising the workshop discussions and outcomes can be found below.


2011   November Project update
2012   March Stage 2 Topic streams
            August Energy project update
            August Workshop outcomes and update
            August Integrated planning with Regional Council documents
            October Workshop outcomes and update
            November Collaborative planning
            December Workshop outcomes and update

2013   March Workshop outcomes and update

            June Workshop outcomes and update
            July Workshop outcomes and update
            July Workshop outcomes and update (additional)
            November Workshop outcomes and update
2014   February Workshop outcomes and update 
            March Workshop outcomes and update
            March Workshop outcomes and update (additional)
           May Workshop outcomes and update
            May Workshop outcomes and update (additional)
            May Workshop notes - supplementary paper (additional)
            July Workshop outcomes and update
            September Workshop outcomes and update
            October Workshop outcomes and update
2015   January Workshop outcomes and update
            March Workshop outcomes and update
Technical Reports

A number of technical reports have been prepared as part of the District Plan Review.  The reports can be accessed via the following links:

Natural Hazards

Landscapes and Coastal Environment

Further Information

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.

If you have any questions or would like to organise a time speak to a Councillor or planning staff, feel free to contact:

Stephanie Chin - 03 314 0080 or stephanie.chin@hurunui.govt.nz

Nicola Kirby - 03 314 0058 or nicola.kirby@hurunui.govt.nz