Previous stages of the District Plan Review

Decision Information

The Proposed Hurunui District Plan as Amended by Decisions on Submissions (October 2016) was publicly notified on 15 October 2016. This is the result of the Council adopting the District Plan Hearing Committee's Decisions on Submissions 2016.

View the Council decision document here.

The decision document follows a similar structure to the officer Section 42A reports, following a chapter layout with a discussion on the notified provisions, submissions, Council decision on changes to provisions and then reasons for each topic.


The Hearing for original and further submissions was held during May and June 2016.

Documents relating to the hearing are available here.

Original and Further Submissions

The ability to make a submission on the Proposed Hurunui District Plan is closed. Original and Further Submissions can be read here.

Council Officer analysis of submissions (s42A reports) can be read here.

Background Information on the District Plan Review