Submissions and Further Submissions on the Proposed District Plan

Summary of Decisions Requested

The Summary of Decisions Requested can be viewed either in order of the chapters and provisions of the Proposed District Plan or in the order of submitter, as listed below.

Council officer analysis of submissions can be viewed here.


A total of 108 original submissions were received to the Proposed Hurunui District Plan 2015. Submissions closed 3 July 2015.

All original submissions on the Proposed District Plan can be viewed below:

1 Victoria Hutson
2 Roger Harrison
3 Peggy Hey
4 Mountain View Trust
5 Peter Stray
6 Penny & Trevor Austin
7 Ian & Adrienne McNab (McNab Family Trust)
8 Steve & Mary Connor
9 Marilyn Harrington & Christopher McPhail
10 Lennie Harrison
11 Michael & Jane Malthus
12 Bruce Manley
13 Mark Harrison
14 Alastair Crawford
15 Culverden Community Committee

At the Council meeting on 27 August 2015, Council resolved that this submission was unrelated to the Proposed District Plan process and has been removed. 

17 Diana & Cameron Dixon
18 Alex Clyne
19 House Movers Section of New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association (Inc), Smith Crane & Construction, Laing Properties Ltd, Nz Building Removals Ltd, King House Removals Ltd and Mid Canterbury House Removals Ltd
20 John & Elaine Hannah
21 John & Fran Perriam
22 Ross Little
23 John Richards
24 Brent & Janet Draper
25 Gary Mitchell
26 Amanda Smart & Daryl Orchard
27 Christian Chester (Thrillseekers Adventures)
28 Kerry & Elizabeth Prenter
29 Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Inc.
30 Thomas Kirkwood & Irene Steven
31 Alastair Dickson
32 Andrew & Suzi Moore
33 Brian Ward
34 Macquarrie Holdings Limited
35 Ministry of Education
36 Robert Fraser
37 Canterbury Regional Council
38 Nick Hanna
39 Z Energy Ltd, Mobil Oil NZ Ltd & BP Oil NZ Ltd
40 Deborah Newman
41 NZ Transport Agency
42 Jamie McFadden & Linda Dodds
43 Jamie McFadden & Linda Dodds (Hurunui Natives)
44 Lyndon & Millie Matthews (Puketira Deer Ltd)
45 Hurunui SNA Group
46 Leithfield Beach Residents Association
47 Winstone Aggregates
48 Hanmer Springs Animal Park
49 Scott McFadden
50 New Zealand Defence Force
51 Ambers Property Development Ltd
52 Benjamin Ensor
53 Rayonier Matariki Forests
54 Daniel Shand 
55 Robin & Christine Gardiner
56 Hurunui Water Project Ltd
57 Transwaste Canterbury Limited
58 Peter Montgomery
59 Carol Caldwell & Charles Fleischmann
60 Jane Demeter
61 Hurunui Developments Ltd
62 KiwiRail Holdings Limited
63 Spark New Zealand Trading Limited
64 Progressive Enterprises Limited
65 Chorus New Zealand Limited
66 Ngāi Tahu Property Limited
67 Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
68 Meridian Energy Limited
69 Buxton Gore Bay Limited
70 New Zealand Fire Service Commission
71 MainPower New Zealand Limited
72 Professor Roger Keey
73 Department of Conservation
74 Fonterra Limited
75 Landor Developments Ltd
76 Canterbury District Health Board
77 Helen & Kevin Roberts
78 Amuri Irrigation Co Limited
79 Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura, Te Ngāi Tūāhuriri Runanga and Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
80 Kerry & Elizabeth Prenter (1005 Happy Valley Road)
81 Coastal Conway Landcare Group
82 Transpower New Zealand Ltd
83 Philip & Sandra Cooke
84 Norman & Lesley Shipley
85 Rooney Group Limited, Rooney Farms Limited & Rooney Holdings Limited
86 Federated Farmers of New Zealand
87 Kirk & Fiona McDonald
88 Alan Brown
89 Manuka Bay Farm Holdings Limited
90 Melanie & Phillip Mein
91 Jan Swarbrick
92 Raymond Herber
93 Christopher Jeffries
94 Mary Clay & Damian Blogg
95 Susan Chadwick
96 Leslie Smart
97 Nicholas Ensor
98 David Holland
99 Andrew Newton
100 Hamish Pain
101 Donald Anderson
102 Isla McFadden
103 Christopher June
104 Anthony Wills
105 Daniel Maxwell
106 Hurunui District Council
107 Clyma
108 New Zealand Frost Fans

Further Submissions

Further submissions are made in support of, or in opposition to, an original submission to the Proposed Hurunui District Plan 2015. The period for further submissions closed on 9 October 2015.

A total of 49 further submissions were received on the Proposed District Plan and can be viewed below:

F1 Thrillseekers Adventures
F2 Mountainview Trust
F3 Mark Harrison
F4 Jill Chapman
F5 Carol Caldwell & Charles Fleischmann
F6 Meridian Energy Limited
F7 Pyramid Valley Vineyards
F8 Spark New Zealand Trading Limited
F9 Ross Little
F10 Hurunui Water Project
F11 Canterbury District Health Board
F12 Ministry of Education
F13 NZ Transport Agency
F14 New Zealand Defence Force
F15 Stephen Connor
F16 Hurunui SNA Group
F17 Leithfield Beach Residents' Association
F18 Winstone Aggregates
F19 McAlpines Hammer Hardware
F20 Rayonier Matariki Forests Limited
F21 Amberley Beach Residents' Association
F22 Amuri Irrigation Co Limited
F23 Transpower New Zealand Ltd
F24 Penelope Austin
F25 MainPower New Zealand Limited
F26 Phil & Sandra Cooke
F27 Andy & Wendy Harris
F28 Christopher June
F29 Landor Developments Ltd
F30 Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura, Te Ngāi Tūāhuriri Rūnanga, and Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
F31 Jan Swarbrick
F32 Anthony Wills
F33 Daniel Shand
F34 Kerry & Elizabeth Prenter
F35 Ngāi Tahu Property Limited
F36 Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Inc.
F37 Fonterra Limited
F38 Hanmer Springs Animal Park
F39 Hanmer Llamas
F40 Chorus New Zealand Limited
F41 Canterbury Regional Council
F42 Federated Farmers of New Zealand
F43 Z-Energy Ltd, Mobil Oil NZ Ltd & BP Oil NZ Ltd
F44 Rooney Farms Ltd
F45 David Dicker
F46 Claremont Farms Ltd
F47 Viticulture Management Ltd
F48 Christchurch Ready-Mix Concrete Ltd
F49 Ronald Hudson