Operative Plan Change 18

Frost Control Fans

Plan Change 18:

  1. Identifies the appropriate effects and circumstances for the use of frost control fans;
  2. Provides specific rules to permit the establishment and operation of frost control fans ;
  3. Provides performance standards for frost control fans, including maximum noise level, separation distances and time of use of the wind machines;
  4. Amended Rule A1.2.7(a) for maximum height of structures to exclude rotor blades on frost control fans;
  5. Amended Rule A1.2.9(i) for exemptions to noise standards, to include specific reference to frost control fans; and
  6. Provides a specific rule requiring noise insulation for new dwellings in close proximity to frost control fans.


The plan change was adopted by Council on 24 September 2009 with amendments.  The appeal to the Council's decision was determined by the Environment Court and the plan change became operative on 13 July 2011.

Please direct any enquires to Jan Weaver at the Council’s Amberley Office.

Plan Change Documents

Summary of Submissions and Decisions
Summary of decision
Council decision
Marshall Day Acoustics Report Nov-08 
Plan Change & s32
Environment Court Interim Decision
Environment Court Final Decision