Operative Plan Change 23

Urban Subdivision and Independent Senior Living Units

Plan Change 23 increased the minimum urban allotment size to 700m² to protect the low density country character of Hurunui Townships.  The plan change will affect fourteen townships including: Amberley Beach, Culverden, Cheviot, Gore Bay, Greta Valley, Hawarden, Hurunui Mouth, Leithfield, Leithfield Beach, Motunau Beach, Rotherham, Waiau, Waikari and Waipara.  It also introduced a higher minimum density of 1100m² for subdivision of urban land without reticulated sewerage services, but reduced the activity status from non-complying to discretionary. Townships without reticulated sewerage include: Culverden, Gore Bay, Hurunui Mouth, Rotherham, Waiau and Waipara.

Plan Change 23 also provided for the comprehensive development of ‘independent senior living units’ within any residential zone, expect Rural-lifestyle Zone.  The minimum density of each unit is proposed to be 250m², with an average density of 350m². Units are to be developed in clusters of no less than 3 units, with a maximum site coverage of 50%, and connection to reticulated services. Subdivision and land use consents are required to be lodged together. The activity status is fully discretionary and assessment criteria have been provided.  This aspect of the plan change relates to the townships listed above and Amberley and Hanmer Springs.

The provisions of the change that relate to Independent Senior Living Units became operative on 24 August 2011, and the provisions that relate  to Urban Subdivision became operative on 16 December 2011.

For further information, contact Rachel McClung on 03 314 0047.

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Plan Change s32 - Urban Subdivision and Senior Living
Summary of Submissions

s42A Report
s42A Appendix A - Submissions
s42A Appendix B - Further submissions
s42A Appendix C - Statutory provisions
s42A Appendix D - Oasis Clearwater information
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