Operative Plan Change 24

St James Estate

Plan Change 24 rezoned approximately 25.4ha of General Management land (on Hanmer Springs Road (SH7A), bordered by Argelins Road to the west). This provides for a mix of residential zoning ranging from 350m2 – 1000m2, and includes open space areas, with future development guided by an ‘Outline Development Plan’.


The Council adopted the Commissioners' recommendations with amendments as its decision on Plan Change 24 - St James Estate and the change became operative on 11 May 2011.

For further information contact Helga Rigg on 03 314 0020.

Plan change documents

St James Estate Plan Change Rev 1 2009-12-23

App A - CTs
App B - Existing Planning Maps
App C - Outline Development Plans
App D - Planning Map H
App E - Landscape Assessment
App F - Traffic Assessment
App G - Infrastructure Assessment
App H - Relevant Provisions of Planning Documents

Submissions summary
Submissions 1-20
Submissions 21-40
Submissions 41-60
Submissions 61-80

Decision Amendment
Decision Appendix 1
Decision Appendix 2
Decision Outline Development Plan
Decision Density Plan
Decision Green Network Plan
Decision Blue Network Plan
Decision Movement Network Plan