Operative Plan Change 30

Rezoning of Queen Mary Hospital Historic Reserve

Proposed Plan Change 30 rezones the Queen Mary Hospital Historic Reserve from ‘Business’ to ‘Queen Mary Hospital Heritage zone’.  This is a new zone in the District Plan, which recognises the site’s unique qualities and need for a specific planning framework.  The Plan Change proposes a new policy, and performance standards to enable the use of the site for a wide range of business or community purposes, without compromising its heritage and open space values.  In particular, the Plan Change recognises that the heritage values of the site are likely to be maintained, and even further enhanced, if the buildings are able to be adaptively re-used. 

The Plan Change also proposes to include additional trees on the Schedule of notable trees and to add the Nurses Hostel to the Schedule of heritage features.

A consequential amendment is also made to extend the ‘Open space’ zoning of the Thermal Pools complex to reflect the new boundary between that site and the Queen Mary Hospital Historic Reserve. 


The Council has adopted the hearing panel's recommendations as its Decision on Plan Change 30 and the change became operative on 4 May 2013.

For further information, contact Andrew Maclennan on 03 314 0080.