Operative Plan Change 32

Rural Subdivision and Hanmer Basin - Woodbank Road

The Hurunui District Council notified Plan Change 32 to the Hurunui District Plan on 31 August 2011.  Proposed Plan Change 32 introduces changes to the subdivision standards for the General Management Area.  These include lowering the minimum subdivision allotment area from 5ha to 4ha and allowing a sub-4ha lot to be subdivided as a one-off option, provided the balance of the land needed to make up the 4ha average is maintained.  This balance area of land would be contained in the balance lot and legally protected in order to maintain rural density.

Plan Change 32 also introduces land use criteria addressing landscape and amenity maintenance and protection along Woodbank Road in the Hanmer Basin.  It introduces a rule requiring resource consent for dwelling houses and principal buildings proposed to be located within 100 metres of Woodbank Road.


The Council adopted the hearing panels' recommendations as its Decision on the plan change at the 29 March 2012 meeting. The change became operative on 12 June 2012.

Plan change documents

The plan change documents are in pdf file format and you will need Adobe PDF Reader to view them.

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