Volunteers working on Council sites


Please fill out this form Click Here, following the steps below;

1. The volunteering group requires a supervisor of the work, who is familiar and well versed in the activities required.
2. The Supervisor is required to fill out the Works Safety Plan for Volunteers. Call 03 3148816 if you would like help with it
3. This form is to be submitted to safetyplans@hurunui.govt.nz within a minimum of 2 weeks of the work start date.
4. An officer will check the form and may discuss directly with the supervisor and depending on the type of work, may carry out a site assessment
5. All going well, the supervisor will receive approval to proceed
6. Work is carried out*
7. Supervisor notifies safetyplans@hurunui.govt.nz once the work is completed with an update on any incidents or near misses experienced

*any instances of harm are to be phoned through to the approving officer as soon as the harm instance has been resolved, e.g. medical treatment applied and the site is made safe. Failing to reach that person call the office number 03 3148816