Water and Sanitary Services

Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services

Under Section 125 of the Local Government Act, Council “must, from time to time, assess the provision within its district of water services and other sanitary services.” The purpose of an assessment is to assess, from a public health perspective, the adequacy of water and other sanitary services available to communities within a territorial authority’s district, in light of:

a)      The health risks to communities arising from any absence of, or deficiency in, water or other sanitary services; and

b)      The quality of services currently available to communities within the district; and

c)       The current and estimated future demands for such services; and

d)      The extent to which drinking water provided by water supply services meets applicable regulatory standards; and

e)      The actual or potential consequences of stormwater and sewage discharges within the district.

In 2004, an extensive assessment of the Water and Sanitary Services were carried out. The assessments looked at both public and private issues in urban and rural areas. The primary focus of these assessments was on water supplies and sewerage but assessments of urban stormwater, public toilets, cemeteries, schools and sporting and accommodation facilities were also undertaken. These assessments can be found in:

  1 Amberley Beach 
  2 Amberley Urban
  3 Amuri Plains Rural
  4 Ashley Main
  5 Balmoral 
  6 Blythe Bore 
  7 Cheviot Main Rural 
  8 Cheviot Main Urban 
  9 Culverden Urban
10 Greta Valley Settlement
11 Hanmer Rural
12 Hanmer Urban
13 Hawarden
14 Hawarden-Waikari Rural
15 Hurunui Gallery
16 Kaiwara Bore
17 Leithfield Beach
18 Lower Waitohi Bore
19 Motunau Beach Urban
20 Parnassus Bore
21 Patons Bore
22 Peaks Bore
23 Seadown-Broomfield Rural
24 Smiths Road Bore
25 Smiths Road Urban
26 Upper Waitohi Gallery
27 Waiau RWS
28 Waiau Urban
29 Waikari
30 Waipara Urban
31 Boyle Area
32 Mt Lyford Area
33 Webbs Road Private
34 Accommodation and Hospitality
35 Schools
36 Sporting and Recreation
37 Individual Supplies and Unpopulated Areas
38 Urban Storm Water
39 Cemeteries
40 Public Toilets

A review of this work was undertaken in 2010. This review focused solely on water and sewerage networks. The 2004 assessments were updated as required. Only those networks that had had significant upgrades, new works or were facing issues of importance since 2004 were updated. These updates can be found here:

Introduction to Water and Sanitary Assessment update 2010

Amberley Area Wastewater
Amberley Urban Water
Ashley Main
Cheviot Main Rural
Cheviot Urban Wastewater
Culverden Urban
Greta Valley
Hanmer Springs Wastewater
Hanmer Springs Water
Leithfield Beach
North Ashley
Upper Waitohi Water
Waiau Urban
Waikari Urban Wastewater

Another review of the Assessments was undertaken in 2014 as part of the Asset Management Plan process for the Utilities Department.  This review considered the public networks for water, wastewater and stormwater but also took account of the views of Council’s inspectorial staff with regard to individual private supplies. The main emphasis was on changes to the networks both in terms of new works and new issues or risks.

At the same time, a review of the 2004 assessments for cemeteries, public toilets and sporting facilities were undertaken by the Amenities Department and revisions were made to the original documents. These documents are attached below.

OPUS produced a review document summarising the process, issues identified and outcomes. This document can be found here:

HDC Water and Sanitary Assessment Review 2014

Cemeteries Review 2014

Public Toilets Review 2014

Sporting Facilities Review 2014