Friends of the Library

Everyone needs friends!

Organisations and institutions as well as people
need assistance and support to help them
grow and flourish!

It is the solid support of volunteers, local
community groups, organisations and businesses
that makes the Hurunui Public Libraries proud
to provide such an important service
to the Hurunui District.

 How do Friends enrich the library?

Membership types

Friends of the Hurunui District Libraries Inc have two types of members - current library volunteers and supporting.  Membership for current library volunteers is free and supporting members give us a donation each year.  Please indicate if you wish to be active in the Friends organisation.

Active members of the Friends will be involved in helping with fundraising, membership drives and other activities.

Endowment Fund

Bequests contribute to further the development and improvements of the Libraries of the Hurunui District.
Bequests can be in the form of cash, shares, real estate or any other property and may be made by way of gifting during your lifetime or bequeathed in your will.
Every gift is appreciated

For further advice, contact your solicitor, or contact:

Friends of the Hurunui District Libraries Inc
District Library
PO Box 13
Amberley 7410

Membership brochure