Library Review 2010

An independent review of the Hurunui District Libraries was completed in March 2010 by Maxwell Associates.

There were three main objectives to the review:
1. Objectivley review the current operation - is it efficient and effective?
2. Identify any best practice improvements that should be implemented; and
3. Identify options for investigation, particularly with shared services and partnerships.

The key documents related to the review are linked below:

Hurunui District Council Library Review - March 2010

Hurunui Library Survey - analysis of results

Hurunui Library Survey - verbatims

Key recommendations from the review were taken to the Community Services Committee and the Council. 
These recommendations have been endorsed by the Council and will form part of the ongoing planning process for the Hurunui District Libraries.  The report taken to Council is linked below;

Library Review Recommendations and Actions

Thank you to all our customers who completed the surveys and those who worked with the reviews.

Justine Lester
Hurunui Libraries Manager