A Word from the Mayor

8 March 2017

We’re on the cusp of seasonal changes, and as we watch leaves prematurely start falling, I sense a turn in Hurunui’s morale as the extended recovery from compounding events;  drought,  with its soul destroying daily supplementary feeding, earthquake damage,  unsettling aftershocks,  lost  business  and fires, begin to take their toll.

We are in the inevitable space where frustration starts building while waiting for insurance settlement, experiencing disruptive road and infrastructure repairs, temporary accommodation, and interrupted sleep.

We cannot underestimate the time recovery takes and we need to be realistic about this. I often hear the word resilience used in recovery. I believe we have seen an amazing living example of this in Hurunui for some time, a community who is strong and able to withstand unexpected events. While it is our strength, we also need to be okay with getting a hand up when required, as individuals and as a community.  We need to support each other and make sure we are linking into services and funding available to the district, our residents, and businesses.

Behind the scenes much is happening to coordinate services and funding. If you are eligible for funding either through the Mayoral Fund, Red Cross Damaged Home Grant, Business Wage support, or Primary Industries Earthquake Relief Funds, I strongly encourage you to make an application. This funding is to support the district recovery; by not accessing these funds we’re impeding our collective recovery.

We’re  keen  to know  if you need temporary accommodation, now or while you repair or rebuild, or if you are concerned about staying warm in your home as winter approaches – for all enquiries please contact the Recovery team at Hurunui District Council on 03 314 8816.

We need to openly acknowledge the multiple layers of stress in large sections of our community and the need to stay strong to support them.

Along with the EQ Recovery Team, the Drought Committee, Rural Support Trust, and Community Connectors are very active and want to assist.

Fortnightly recovery updates are published in local newspapers and newsletters where you can find advice, helpful information, and upcoming events and meetings. Keep an eye out for them and stay informed.


Winton Dalley