A Word from the Mayor

24 August 2017

It’s easy for small rural communities currently to become despondent at the negativity and criticism continually hurled our way.

It’s the ‘silly season’ when Political hopefuls and others, make sweeping statements and criticisms, predominately levelled at rural people about the destruction of the environment and the theft and pollution of water.

Authoritative Public Health spokespersons join the fray, making sweeping statements, producing little supporting evidence.  No amount of effort, endeavour, expenditure, and examples of responsible stewardship of land and water can quell the cacophony of criticism.

Authorities join the fray, enthusiastically responding with more rules and regulations.

To counter all that negativity and consign it to its rightful place, consider all the positive stuff in our community, with examples of our great people continually achieving high levels of excellence in their field endeavour.

Regularly our people excel and achieve Awards and success at Local, Regional and National Levels. I’m usually reluctant to single out individuals in my columns, but decided to depart from that to illustrate recent examples of excellence that we can all be proud of.

In our food and Wine scene, our Wineries are regular winners of prestigious Wine Awards, Penelope and Nicholas, and the Black Estate Organic Winery and Restaurant Team recently received well deserved accolades for their cuisine, adding to our already high reputation for quality, excellence, and success, established by their industry peers over the years.

Agriculture, out largest industry is setting high standards of excellence and achievement. Mez and Richard Power were rewarded for their quality sheep breeding, high production, and sustainable farming management with a National Award.

The Douglas Clifford family were recently recognised with an Environmental Award for their sustainable farm production, and their intergenerational commitment to protect large areas of native vegetation and natural features.

From a proud farming family Azra Ginders is being rewarded for sharing her outstanding musical gifts for the enjoyment of others, and on the sporting front, great to see our Hurunui Netballers winning the North Canterbury final.

This is just a tiny sample of excellence and success, of great Ambassadors, proud of their Community, respectful and responsible stewards of our environment and natural resources.

Time to balance the ledger.




Winton Dalley