A Word from the Mayor

22 June 2017

On Friday night a large crowd will gather in the Waiau Community Hall to celebrate National Volunteers Week and our annual Community Service Awards.

These Awards dating back to 1992 in their current form, were instigated to acknowledge Volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to their Community.

These Awards are presented to people nominated from each Community within the six District Wards.

Over the years, this Event has grown with the addition of the HDC/Mainpower ‘Environmental’ and ‘Heritage’ Awards.  These Awards are in the form of a financial contribution toward the costs of the Environmental and Heritage project being undertaken by the applicant.

Our Youth Council, established six years ago, instigated two Awards to recognise people who have made an outstanding contribution to the youth of our District.

Last year in recognition of the outstanding young leaders regularly emerging from the ranks of Hurunui Youth, a Mayoral Award for outstanding Youth Leadership was presented for the first time.

It is important to acknowledge Volunteers who go beyond the call of duty or give outstanding service to their community.

With this in mind, last year a Special Community service Award was made to a local volunteer organisation for outstanding service.

It is my intention to continue to make this Award when worthy, for exceptional community service.

I am satisfied that the occasion has arisen again this year and two Special Awards will be presented.

One of these Awards will be made to collectively acknowledge the amazing contributions made to our Community during the response to the November Earthquakes by thousands of people from all over the Country, who donated money, time, food, supplies, services, expertise, encouragement and support, much of it anonymously, some high profile, some large, some small, we appreciated and valued highly every contribution.

This was a terrifying event in the dead of night, much of it in very remote areas, most communication was lost, many roads impassable, power and water instantly lost, communities and families totally isolated.

Acknowledging all that, this Special Award will also recognise the amazing response and the immediate critical actions taken by our own local people to ensure their own safety and wellbeing and that of their Community.


Winton Dalley