A Word from the Mayor

12 December 2018

Pic of Winton

As 2018 draws to a close, and I write my last column for the year, it’s natural to cast the mind back over the year and critically assess how it played out from ones own perspective, each of you will make your own assessment, from your own experience.

Two years on from the Hurunui/ Kaikoura earthquake, significant infrastructure recovery has been achieved in the private sector, and with our Community and Council owned infrastructure.

Most of our Community projects have funding in place, some are under construction, others at various stages of planning and tendering. By this time next year the majority of repairs, strengthening, and re-builds, along with repairs to water and road networks should be completed.

I believe good progress has also been made with repairs and rebuilds of private homes and buildings, but I do acknowledge the stress and frustration of those who are still experiencing delays.

Community morale and wellbeing is generally very strong in my view, I have attended many Community events of all descriptions over recent weeks, and without exception they have all been buzzing, with a great community feel about them, but I need to acknowledge there are people of all ages who are still struggling a little.

From day one we pledged to do all we could to help our Community through these challenging times, with practical assistance and advocacy, that commitment remains, with several Recovery Team positions remaining until the middle of 2019.

Please don’t hesitate to make use of them, and ensure that friends and family, who still need help, make contact with us by contacting Council or an Elected Member.

It’s so easy to be oblivious to what others are experiencing when isolated from it, many people have no real concept of what those in the northern part of our District experienced, and are still dealing with.

In this traditional season of goodwill, it would be good to know that we are all still mindful of them and are prepared to continue offering them our support.

Jean and I wish you all a great Christmas, however you choose to celebrate it, and a rewarding New Year, take great care, and keep safe.


Winton Dalley