A Word from the Mayor

17 January 2018

With 5% of 2018 already expended, it no longer seems appropriate wishing you New Year greetings, never the less, I do belatedly offer you all New Year Greetings.

While we all naturally look forward with anticipation for the coming year to be more productive, successful, satisfying, peaceful, and all those other things we would wish it to be, achieving those wishes will largely depend on our own commitment, determination and the energy we commit to achieving these objectives.

There will inevitably be challenges and stresses that we never anticipated and will have little or no control over.  Confronting and dealing with these challenges will also require the same determination and energy.

For Council the completion of the Long Term Plan (LTP) review is a substantial challenge this year. Considerable spadework has already been done over the last few months, but several major decisions to be included in the Draft LTP are yet to be agreed.

Normal public consultation and submission processes will occur over the coming months, which will assist Council in determining the final LTP.

Some of the big ticket items that require LTP funding decisions are; the significant Earthquake costs, roading costs, costs of meeting Drinking Water Standards, (now more uncertain until the implications of the Havelock North water contamination enquiries are determined), providing for the cost of progressively bringing our Public Buildings up to Earthquake strength requirements and the funding of the Amberley Pool Project.

To assist Councillors to better understand the infrastructure in each of our Local Communities across our District, and to better understand the criticality of our key infrastructure when making LTP funding decisions, a split two day Council tour is planned.

I had intended this tour to take place a year ago to familiarise particularly our new Councillors with the districts assets, but obviously, the Earthquake recovery took precedence.

The 2018 weather will undoubtedly also be a challenge, as it has been for mankind since time began.

During the three years of drought, now a distant memory, I perused several family weather diaries dating back to the 1840’s, added to my own lifetime weather experiences, I smile at talk of ‘normal’ weather and ‘averages’.

Winton Dalley