A Word from the Mayor

20 September 2018

Pic of Winton

I ‘m clearly not biased, Spring in Hurunui is unequalled anywhere.

The transition from Winter to Spring in Hurunui occurs over a considerable period, kicking off in our warmer coastal districts late July, early August, where some virtually frost free micro climates herald Spring with spring flowers and blossoms, early lambs and grass growth.

Spring gradually spreads inland to higher altitudes over August/September, as winter fades and temperatures rise.

Consequently we get to enjoy Spring and our fantastic Spring landscapes, with flowers and blossom growing in great profusion and quality in Hurunui over an extended season.

As a predominately rural farming district new Spring life is evident all around us in all its forms.

Not surprisingly, the people of Hurunui value Springtime, the gift of nature and over the years have developed many Events to gain enjoyment from this special season and to share it with others.

A substantial Hurunui Spring Event calendar is building, based on a number of established Events that are over a hundred years old, continually being added to with more recently established and brand new Springtime Events.

An exciting addition this year is the Hurunui Spring Garden Festival, based on a large number of outstanding local gardens.

A recent initiative has been to create a Community Events Trust to encourage and promote these new Events and to support or help grow existing Events, as the need may arise.

This Trust Company is in its infancy but I am confident it will fill an important role into the future.

This year’s Hurunui Spring festivities commenced last weekend with the increasingly popular and expanding Cheviot Spring Festival, a great event, enhanced by the 125th jubilee celebrations of the subdivision of the Cheviot Hills estate. This occasion was marked with a Ball and planting of a tree in the Cheviot Hills Domain, a Springtime wonderland.

This weekend, the 109th Annual Scargill Spring Flower show will be held at the Tipapa Woolshed for the second time.  Tipapa is another spectacular Springtime venue well worth the visit for the Show.

You owe it to yourselves to check the calendar for all the upcoming Hurunui Springtime Events, from the long established, to the new.


Winton Dalley