A Word from the Mayor

17 April 2019Pic of Winton

Last Saturday marked another great achievement for Hurunui with the opening of The Hurunui Heartland Cycle Trail.

On a perfect day, at a perfect venue, a good number of passionate cyclists, joined with the equally passionate group who drove this project to launch the Trail.

This Trail effectively defines a route up through the centre, for the entire length of our district.

Over time this vital link will be part of a vision for a cycling route from Picton to Christchurch.

While providing cycling opportunities for locals, it’s a strong driver for providing more Visitor experiences and encouraging more people to enjoy our beautiful district.

Economic opportunities will also flow as visitors will require accommodation and sustenance and will definitely want to experience our many Visitor attractions. 

Thinking about the positive buzz emanating from this cycle trail opening event, and the coming to fruition of a vision and a dream, in fact in this case a number of visions and dreams that have been around for a long  time, it reminded me that without first a dream, very little is possible.

It is also true that not many dreams come true without hard work, without the assistance of others, and often the need to overcome many roadblocks along the way.

I know that we all have dreams and a vision for something that we want to achieve in life.

Not all dreams come true, and some are ahead of their time but are finally realised years down the track, sometimes because someone else is inspired by your dream and finds a way to bring it to fruition. 

Often we have no option but to enlist the help of others to achieve our dream, and sometimes our dream is taken over and butchered by others and does not end up reflecting the vision that we had.

But never stop dreaming and never stop working hard, or lose the belief that you can achieve your vision, it will give you great satisfaction. 

Enjoy a good Easter break with family or friends, enjoy some of our great family activities, the new Trail one of them, and please take care on the roads.



Winton Dalley