A Library in Your Pocket

Hurunui library members are discovering the benefits of being able to access the latest magazines and audio books in e-format for free.  There’s something for everyone from comics for animation-lovers, through to electronic and e-audio books plus the latest editions of popular magazines such as Nadia, NZ Today, Spoke and Country Life.

Hawarden College student Martin Quigley says he loves being able to check out all the latest books from around the world for free, whether he is at school, at home or elsewhere.

“I use the Borrowbox app every day after school and it’s great because it makes reading so accessible.  It is especially handy outside of school hours and during school holidays, because when I am away from school I can still access the books I need.”

Hurunui District Libraries Manager Justine Lester says there are plenty of benefits for library members who access the e-resources.

“You can download e-audio books anytime which are great for listening to when driving, exercising or gardening. Alternatively, with e-magazines you don’t never to worry about waiting lists as multiple borrowers can access the same magazine. Overdue charges are also a thing of the past with these e-magazines as they never expire.”

Justine says children and adults who have trouble reading print can also access e-books with a special app for users with dyslexia, while audio e-books are a great option for those with print reading issues.

“There are plenty of options available so feel free to pop into your local library if you need help getting set up and downloading the app. We’re happy to take you through the process and it’s quick and easy to get started.”

If someone is not currently a library member, they can link on the following link to join up: http://www.hurunui.govt.nz/library-home-2/my-library/. For more information and links to e-resources for library members, please visit: http://www.hurunui.govt.nz/library-home/ and look under the ‘Great Reads’.