A New Voice For Road Safety In The Hurunui

Road Safety efforts in the Hurunui District have been given a welcomed boost with the appointment of Krystal Jennings as the council’s new Road Safety Coordinator.

In her role, Krystal will be responsible for facilitating the Road Safety Coordinating Committee meetings, running road safety events throughout the district, preparing an annual Road Safety Action Plan and promoting a road safety culture within the community.

Krystal says she is really looking forward to working collaboratively with a variety of different stakeholders to keep our residents safe on our roads.

“A key focus for me will be ensuring road safety education and training packages are accessible to anyone in the community, and in particular our young people.”

“This role will compliment my other role of facilitating the Hurunui Youth Council and will allow us to more easily engage with young people when it comes to road and driver safety,” she says.

The first assignment for Krystal was to attend the Regional Road Safety Coordinators meeting held in Selwyn this month.  This was the first time the Hurunui had a voice around the road safety coordinators table since 2016. 

The council’s Road Safety Committee Chair, Cr Julia McLean, says the appointment means there will now be a stronger focus on the core objectives of the community safety programme.

“A coordinator role has been the missing link in our ability as a committee to meet the demands and expectations of our stakeholders and community.  I am excited to start seeing the results of a stronger focus on road safety which this role will now bring to the district,” says Mclean.