Access update: Inland Road - Kaikoura Emergency Access (KEA) route

Access update: Inland Road - Kaikoura Emergency Access (KEA) route

Thursday 24 November 2016: 1215

Access to the KEA route from the Mt Lyford turn-off is now available for residents of the Inland Road, and their immediate suppliers. However, this remains a dangerous and dynamic area and restrictions are in place:

1. Access is for essential services and supplies (including farm support).

2. Only vehicles deemed suitable will be permitted to attempt the road. Vehicles MUST be 4WD or AWD. There is no access at all for standard 2WD vehicles.

3. Only heavy vehicles up to Class 1 will be permitted on the road.

4. NO towed vehicles will be permitted. This includes trailers and articulated vehicles.

5. It is strongly recommended that all vehicles carry a First Aid kit, a fully charged cell phone, food and water for 72 hours, and the ability to spend an unplanned night out if circumstances change suddenly (e.g. sleeping bag, warm clothes).

6. Residents are asked to be aware of convoy movements on the road. Convoys travel North in the morning and return South at approximately 1500 in the afternoon. It is recommended that residents travel in the same direction as the convoys, to reduce the risk of meeting the convoy.

7. Residents are reminded that it is safer for them to travel with one of the convoys if at all possible.