Amberley's Transfer Station Moving to a Conclusion

After carefully considering its options for a new transfer station site for Amberley, the Council has now gone back to Grays Road as its preferred site.

The purchase of a 5ha rural property in Douglas Road provided another choice for relocating the transfer station and recycling depot from Carters Road, when the resource consent runs out in October 2012. The Council believed it had to make an outright purchase of the land in order to properly assess the issues associated with establishing an industrial use in a rural area. Having now carried out that analysis, the costs and time that would have been involved in obtaining a resource consent have all but ruled that option out.

Grays Road had been a strong contender since the land was rezoned from rural to industrial in 2009 after consideration of a number of different areas, but estimated costs of the project had escalated to a point where it seemed to be uneconomic to pursue further.

However, a re-evaluation of the Council’s needs has meant that the original plans to shift a waterworks depot and a contractors’ yard can no longer be justified. This of course has meant a smaller land area is now required and with a consequent reduction of building footprint area, stormwater runoff and traffic movements, many of the original costs can be reduced. Council was able to re-negotiate with two cooperative property owners and now has a sale and purchase agreement with one of them.

Overall, the cost of developing a transfer station site in Grays Road will be less than on Douglas Road. The Douglas Rd property was always regarded as an attractive proposition for resale if a resource consent was not obtained, and it will be put back on the market as soon as consent is obtained for Grays Road.

Mayor Winton Dalley is pleased with the direction the project is taking.

“If this project can be concluded successfully at the Grays Road site it will be a great result for the community” he said. “Sometimes the journey to a positive outcome is a rocky one, but ultimately through perseverance and good will we can get the right result.”

Details are now being finalised for development of a 1.1ha site in Grays Rd presently owned by John and Andrea Shepherd. It is already zoned industrial, and many of the features in the previous plans will be incorporated including a roofed transfer station capable of taking appropriate commercial waste, a recycling, sorting and packaging facility, a re-use store and associated offices. It is likely that a weighbridge will be installed as part of the project to accurately measure loads going in and out of the site, and allow the Council to charge customers more fairly than the present subjective system allows.

Grays Road will be sealed up to the new entrance, and the rural boundaries of the site will be landscaped as was previously proposed.

Subject to approved resource consents from the Canterbury Regional Council, work is expected to start on the site early next year to provide for completion by October 2012

For further information contact:
Bruce Yates
Manager Special Projects