Are our roads melting?

Several roads that were resealed in 2012/13 year are now “bleeding” in the warmer temperatures, coating the tyres and feet of users in a sticky black mess.

The affected roads are limited to those that were resealed by Blacktop, the Council’s resealing contractor at the time. Blacktop had held the reseal contract for the three-year period prior, with an excellent track-record of completing work to a high standard, on time and on budget. In 2012/13 however, they were experiencing organizational issues and subcontracted out the work on our roads.

In September this year, Blacktop went into receivership.

Downer Ltd has since picked up the 2013/14 resealing contract and are helping us to fix the problem. They are putting down a rolled small chip course on affected roads which should stabilize the sticky bitumen. This will be an ongoing process throughout summer.

Hurunui District Council Roading and Utilities Manager, David Edge, said that he was appalled with what was happening to these roads. “A full investigation is underway using independent experts in the ‘bitumen field’ and the Council is now seeking legal advice as to the liability of the subcontractor that carried out the work, as well the possibility of claiming against Blacktop’s bond in order to recover costs to pay for these remedial works.”

Drivers are asked to “Drive to the Conditions” and slow down when driving on these roads until the new chip ‘beds in’. Reduced speed signs will be posted in all the affected areas.


For further information contact:      
David Edge
Roading and Utilities Manager
Phone 03 314-0053