Booklet Designed to Help Hurunui Get Thru Arriving in Letterboxes

Thousands of booklets designed to help residents of Hurunui prepare in the event of a natural disaster were dropped into letterboxes during the month of June.

“Get Ready Get Thru Hurunui” is 44-page A4 publication with information on ways to prepare in the event of a flood, storm or earthquake and where to go for help in the event of an emergency.

Hurunui’s Emergency Management Officer, Allan Grigg, says with awareness of disasters heightened following recent events, both internationally and here in Canterbury, it seemed appropriate to provide solid and detailed advice to residents on not just the need to prepare – but the best ways to do it.

“Disaster planning is not just about making sure you have a bit of food and water. It’s a much more holistic process designed to ensure you and your loved ones are ready to cope as best you can with whatever nature may throw at us.

“It’s about – considering every possible eventuality and how it might impact on you and your family including how you would manage if essential services like electricity, are out of action – and coming up with a plan to deal with it.

“It’s also about, having done that, getting on with life, knowing you have done all you can at this point to be prepared, then reviewing things annually to ensure your plan still works for you.”

The Emergency Planning Guide has been developed to help residents of Hurunui prepare themselves and their families to respond to any potential disaster event.

It walks readers through the preparation of household and business emergency plans and provides details of survival items you should have at the ready and in your Get Away Kit.

Mayor Winton Dalley says the earthquakes in Canterbury are a graphic reminder of why our best protection as a community will always be to rely on our own ability to prepare and defend ourselves.

“We know from the experience of our nearest neighbours that it takes time for a co-ordinated emergency response to be effectively implemented. And that will be the same for us.

“Moving help quickly over our vast landscape in the event of a natural disaster is going to be a challenge and the reality is it may take time for our civil defence, police, fire and medical support staff to reach isolated communities, or it may be that they are needed to focus on major public problems first.

“That is why it is so important each and every one of us takes responsibility for taking care of the arrangements around things like food, water, shelter, warmth and communication with loved ones, now. For how well we each prepare will make the difference to how we individually get through.”

The Emergency Planning Guide serves to provide families, organisations and communities in the district with a range of tools to help prepare for the ever-present risk of disaster.

Copies have been dropped into letterboxes throughout the district.

Residents are urged to read the information and take particular note of designated civil defence posts and welfare centre locations at the front of the publication, remembering these may take time to activate and only those required for an effective response will be mobilised.

Extra copies are available at council service centres and libraries.

For further information contact:

Allan Grigg

Emergency Management Officer

Hurunui District Council

P: 03 314 0106