Can Opener proves a winner for Hurunui teen and her family

A teenager and her family who correctly identified the missing item in a Civil Defence competition are now far better prepared in the event of future emergencies.

Kandis Thompson-Wilkinson’s entry correctly named the one item listed in the Civil Defence booklet that did not feature in the display in the Amberley library as a can opener.

Kandis’ mother, Donna, says the February earthquake has been something of a wake-up call for the whole family, who now carry emergency supplies with them, or in their vehicles, at all times.

“It was a powerful reminder, not only for our daughter who was in Christchurch at the time the quake hit, but for all of us of the need to have the resources and plans in place to cope with an emergency or disaster, before it happens.

“The items in this kit will go a long way towards ensuring our family will be better prepared for any future events.”

Hurunui District Council Emergency Management Officer Allan Grigg says hundreds of entries were received in the competition that ran at the same time booklets detailing preparedness in emergencies were delivered to all homes in the district.

“It was edifying to see such interest in a competition of this nature which clearly reflects a raised awareness in the wake of disaster events both in New Zealand and internationally.”

In presenting the Survival Items prize to the Thompson-Wilkinson family he noted it was pleasing to see it go to a family “who understand the need to be prepared and will appreciate knowing they now have a survival kit at hand if needed”.

Allan Grigg is also urging others in the community to ensure their emergency plans and supplies are in good order.

“Other than those who do no preparations at all, the most common problem is families who do their initial preparations and think they are ready for anything.

“The danger with this approach is that over time plans may not keep pace with changing circumstances and resources become out dated and useless”.

He recommends people use regular annual events, such as Christmas or Daylight Saving, to review their preparations each year.

For further information contact:

Allan Grigg

Emergency Management Officer

Hurunui District Council

P: 03 314 016