Tsunami risk for Canterbury coastline now over


The Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management (MCDEM) have now cancelled the tsunami warning for the east Coast of New Zealand, including Banks Peninsula and the Canterbury coastline. The marine and beach warning had been in place since the 8.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile yesterday morning but people have the all clear now that the risk has largely passed.

“Advice from the Expert Panel is that there will be some unusual water conditions such as local tidal surges and strong currents for the next 24-36 hours,” said Canterbury Group Controller Neville Reilly. “This unusual activity will gradually return to normal conditions during this time. However, my suggestion is that people should still exercise caution and discretion before entering the water or going out in small boats.”

“The night passed as expected, with wave heights within the range anticipated,” Mr Reilly added. “Most people heeded the warning to avoid the beaches and river mouths in the region and that was great to see. While the wave height may have seemed small to a few, it is the power of the surge that could have caused issues which wasn’t appreciated by some. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry so listening to official warnings is a good idea.”