Congratulations to all 2012 Hurunui School Achiever award recipients


Congratulations to all 2012 Hurunui School Achiever award recipients.

Sophie Black
Sophie grew up in Waiau attending Waiau Primary School until year 6 and then Amuri Area School for years 7 and 8 followed by secondary  schooling at Rangi Ruru in Christchurch. Sophie stated in her application that she has always been interested in nursing, whether it be to help a sick bird recover or putting a sticky plaster on a friend’s finger. Sophie claims that she has taken many animals home, much to her family’s amazement, just to nurse them back to health.

Sport has been a big part of Sophie’s life and this year she was in the ‘A’ Polo team. Sophie has been captain of the Rangi Ruru Rugby team for three years and given the opportunity to play for the Canterbury under 18 womens Rugby team each year. When Sophie goes on to CPIT next year she plans to continue with Rugby and Polo. At CPIT Sophie intends to study Nursing hoping that in her second year she may be able to do her placement at the local Community Health Centre. Once Sophie has completed her general nursing degree she hopes to specialise in Paediatrics.


Lydia Dufour

Having grown up in a country area where she attended a small country school Lydia has set herself the goal of becoming a primary school teacher. Lydia has been a pupil at Rangiora High school where she was involved in debating and public speaking, Netball, Hockey and Volley Ball, Choir, Violin Ensemble, and the school Orchestra. She has also been heavily involved in the school house system and this year was selected as House Captain. Her hobbies include fitness, skiing and tramping.

Next year Lydia intends to study towards a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning at Canterbury University and looks forward to a career in teaching and the variety that this offers.


Sarah Eastmond

Sarah attended Waiau Primary School where she spent the first six years of her education and where she says she learnt how to read and write and more importantly how to get along with her peers. Sarah’s secondary education was completed at Amuri Area School where, as she states in her application, her artistic ability was uncovered. Sarah has represented her school in Netball and believes her biggest achievement was being awarded the Amuri General Excellence Award for years 7, 8, 9 and 11 with year 12 yet to be announced.

For the past three years Sarah has worked as a model with the Portfolio Models Agency based in Christchurch and has been part of the New Zealand Fashion week in 2011 and the Wellington Fashion week in 2012. Now Sarah is looking to the future and has been offered a place in the Diploma in Interior Design at CPIT for 2013 hoping that this will ultimately lead her on to own her own business. Unfortunately due to her age Sarah will not quality for student assistance until August 2013 but she is determined to fund her course and living costs until then. Sarah believes that Interior Design is where she wants to be.


Lara Harris

Lara has spent the last 5 years completing her secondary education at St Margarets College and intends to study Commerce at Canterbury University next year with the ultimate aim of becoming an Accountant. Lara was bought up in Waipara attending the Waipara School and still has a connection with the area working at the Mud House Winery and Cafe and Mountford Estate. Lara believes that Leadership is a particular strength of hers and this has no doubt been demonstrated in her role as Head of Boarding at St Margarets.

Rowing has been a very important part of Lara’s school career and Lara claims she has learnt a lot through being vice-captain of a very successful rowing team. Her Rowing Coach states that Lara is a capable, determined and diligent athlete; a person of integrity and honesty and is well respected by her coaches and fellow athletes.


Josh Hickey

Having just finished year 13 at Amuri Area School Josh is looking to further his education at Lincoln University in 2012 studying for a Diploma of Agriculture. Josh moved to Culverden in 2000 and living on a Dairy Farm he soon came to realise that he enjoyed working with stock. Josh is currently doing his Gateway placement on a high country station which he is really enjoying. At Amuri School Josh has been a Form and Whanau leader for three consecutive years and continues to be held in high regard by staff, his peers and other students.

Josh enjoys most sports and outdoor activities and was selected for the South Island Volleyball team at the New Zealand Area Schools tournament this year.

To assist with his expenses next year Josh has been working part time at the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa for nearly 2 years and once his exams are finished he is going to be working for a Spraying Contractor.


Jamie Munro

Jamie stated in his application that among the ideas he had instinctively grappled with within an hour of his birth was that he was yet to become aware of what career path awaits him. Jamie attended Leithfield, St Josephs and Broomfield Schools before going on to Rangiora High School where he was admitted to the highest academic class and continued to flourish earning NCEA Level 1 credits in English, Maths and Science in the year before he would otherwise be due to collect these qualifications.

This year once again Jamie found himself wondering what it is he will be doing for a living and to cover all bases he studied Accounting, Calculus, Chemistry, Media Studies and Physics hoping that this will ensure that all available pathways remain open to him. Next year Jamie will begin a double degree comprising of Science and Law at Canterbury University.

Jamie completed the Buller Half Marathon this year as well as the Kowhai Duathlon and the one day challenge of the 160 km Otago Rail Trail.

Jamie summed up his application by stating that if he ever does have any idea of what he wants to do, he wants to be a contributing member of society and would endeavour to return any denomination of monetary supplement back into his community.


Charlotte Palmer

Charlotte has lived in the Hurunui all her life having attended Broomfield Primary and Rangiora High Schools. In 2013 Charlotte will be studying to become a Physiotherapist at Otago University doing the first year Health Science Course and then Physiotherapy. It will take three years to obtain her Bachelor of Physiotherapy and then Charlotte plans to get a Masters in Physiotherapy which is a further 2 years of study.

Ballet has been a strong interest for Charlotte having danced for 12 years at the Balcairn Ballet School. Charlotte has also played Netball and Touch Rugby as well as being in the Lydiard House choir.

In 2008 and 2009 Charlotte was a junior House Leader and the Captain. This year however Charlotte reduced her extra-curricular activities to concentrate on her studies.


Johanna Smith

Johanna has held various positions of leadership and responsibility during her time at Christchurch Girls High and Acland House including Deputy Head Prefect of boarding, Captain of the School Dragon Boating Team, Captain of the Hockey 4th Xl and Chairperson of the School Young Farmers Club and she believes these have helped her to grow as an individual. Johanna went to Amuri Area School until 2007 and then on to Cristchurch Girls High.

Growing up in a rural area Johanna discovered at an early age that she has a passion for agriculture and this is now leading her to seek tertiary education in this area.

Johanna’s aim is to put herself through a four year Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree at Lincoln University without having to rely on financial help from her parents and keeping any student loans to a minimum. As well as studying at Lincoln Johanna intends to further her study in Mandarin Chinese. She has studied the Chinese language during the last 5 years and wants to continue to immerse herself in the language to retain her abilities as she believes this knowledge could become an asset to her future career plans.


Caroline Turnbull

Caroline has been Head Prefect at St Margarets College this year and although this position has been a steep learning curve for her she believes her energy and drive transferred easily to the role and the school had a successful year in terms of rebuilding and re-strengthening after the February earthquake.

Caroline plans to attend Canterbury University in 2013 to study for a Bachelor of Engineering. Caroline grew up in the Hurunui where she was encouraged to get involved in Scouting, netball and tennis. She has captained sports teams and gone on various tournaments and exchanges. She also plays the Flute and has been involved in wind bands, concert bands and Choirs. She is currently the lead flute player in the St Margarets and Christs College combined school orchestra.

Caroline is passionate about the rebuild of Christchurch and last month was a member of the student committee that organised an outdoor concert in an attempt to liven up the centre of the city for youth. She has also completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which involved volunteering at the Hurunui District Library, Omihi School and the Glenmark Play Centre.


James Tweed

James has been accepted to study for a Bachelor of Science degree at Otago University next year doing a double major in geography and zoology. He has chosen to pursue these areas because his goal is to work in the field of conservation after being involved in conservation minded activities such as the Hurunui College Nina Valley Restoration group, Kiwi monitoring and braided river bird surveys.

James lives in Hawarden attending Hurunui College where he has worked hard to achieve top academic for his class at Hurunui College for NCEA Level 1 and NCEA Level 2 as well as an overall merit endorsement for NCEA Level 2 and subject endorsements at merit for Physical Education and Geography at NCEA Level 2.

In the Community James has been involved with the Hawarden A & P Association as well as becoming the head member of the award winning Hurunui College Nina Valley Restoration group.

James believes he will become a key individual in the conservation of New Zealand’s biodiversity in the years to come.