Conical Hill Revegetation Underway

The Hurunui District Council has started the revegetation of an area of Conical Hill Recreation Reserve which was cleared of a cluster of exotic pine trees back in 2013 for safety reasons following strong winds in the area. The area being replanted is approximately 100m long by 50m, wide and is located on the west face. Native species that are local to the Hanmer Basin will be used for the replanting, this is intended to enhance the habitat for local birds and wildlife while improving the recreational and amenity values for the public.

The plan has also identified a walkway through the revegetation area, which would link to Lucas Lane on the west and Conical Hill Walkway to the east.

The project has been broken into five stages including weed control, site clearance, track formation, planting and general maintenance. Planting of area 1 is being carried out during Spring this year and planting of areas 2-4 will be carried out during Spring 2017.

Copies of the Conical Hill Revegetation Plan (which incorporates the planting plan strategy and the pest and weed maintenance strategy) are available here.