Connect North Canterbury

Enterprise North Canterbury is currently putting together an application to the Government to release funding to rollout faster broadband and increase cellular connectivity in rural parts of North Canterbury.

“An allocation of extra funding will provide rural areas with the right infrastructure to provide faster and more reliable Internet connections and cellular coverage,” said Tom McBrearty, Business Development Manager at Enterprise North Canterbury.

“Interconnectivity between fibre, cellular and Wi-Fi is vital for rural regions. Each of these adds value in a singular sense, however, delivered as an integrated solution these connections have the potential to add value to the likes of business, agriculture, productivity, road safety, the tourism experience, health,  employment and education.”

ENC are launching a “Connect North Canterbury” campaign to engage the greater North Canterbury community and increase understanding about the wider implications poor broadband and cellular connections have for rural schools, businesses, and healthcare providers. The ENC team are currently meeting with people within these sectors to identify and catalogue the challenges they face as a result of poor connections. These profiles will be used within their application to Government via MBIE (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment).

ENC is also making a call to North Canterbury people to have their say by taking part in a survey that will help collate evidence which captures the connectivity issues North Canterbury people are currently experiencing. The survey can be found here:

Mr McBrearty adds, “It is not a matter of if better broadband and cellular coverage will ever be available to rural North Canterbury, but a matter of when. We hope North Canterbury people will support us by taking part in this campaign.”