Conway Flat To Get Further Rock Protection

Conway Flat Road

During the November 2016 earthquake, large segments of the Conway Flat Road shoulder fell away into the sea and the rate of loss experienced by the road shoulder has subsequently increased.  In order to mitigate this, Hurunui District Council contractors will begin work on a new rock wall along a portion of the road next week.

The council began monitoring the rate of shoulder loss along the road prior to the November earthquake, and have continued to do so since.  From this monitoring it has become clear that the rate of road shoulder loss along a particular stretch of Conway Flat Road has increased significantly as a direct result of the earthquake.

Roading Team Leader, Kushla Tapper, says the project will begin next week after the council secured an 84% subsidy of the proposed cost of construction from the New Zealand Transport Agency.

“The 450 metre long stretch of wall will form a continuation to the north of existing rock protection along Conway Flat Road.  We expect this new rock wall to stabilise the rate of loss the road shoulder is currently experiencing and prevent the sea further eating away the land close to the road.”

“There are a couple of hill sides that partially block vision of oncoming traffic and these will be removed and the material used as backfill along the rock wall.  This is a win-win, as sight-lines will be improved making the road safer to travel and the material needed for the project will be readily accessible with a short cart distance, keeping costs down,” Tapper says.

While work is carried out, residents are advised to expect a high volume of trucks transporting rocks to the site.  The project is expected to be completed in approximately eight weeks’ time, with the road remaining open and accessible for the duration of work.