Council keen for feedback on proposals for 2013/14

Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Hurunui District Council is keen to hear from its residents and ratepayers about its proposals in the Council’s 2013/14 draft annual plan. Submissions close on 6 May and so far the takeup has been slow.

The draft annual plan contains a controversial proposal to lend up to $6 million to the Hurunui Water Project. Councillors are undecided on whether they should do this and are relying on the public to give them a steer.

The Council will hear submitters on 23 May and decide on the final annual plan after deliberating over the submissions. The Council urges people to read their proposals and to submit. Mayor Winton Dalley says, “After all, this is your money we are charged with spending and we strongly invite your input.” The Council proposes a general rate increase of 5.37% for 2013/14.