Council Meeting Update – 2 October 2014 in Waiau

Below is a brief summary of the reports and discussions from the 2 October 2014 Council meeting. The meeting agenda can be viewed on the Council website at the link below: (click on the relevant meeting)

Confirmation of District Plan Review Councillor Workshop

OutcomesOn 4 September 2014 Councillors attended a workshop to consider the direction that should be taken as a result of technical report findings and pre-notification consultation on the following topic streams: Utilities; Transport; Heritage; Rural – Small Settlements; Geopreservation Sites; Outline Development Plans; Natural Hazards and the draft Proposed District Plan Document. The outcomes of this workshop were presented for confirmation by the Council, so that they can be incorporated into drafting provisions for the above chapters. The Council confirmed the outcomes as detailed in the report, with an amendment to the Geopreservation Sites outcomes.

Review of Reserves Strategy – Amberley Township

At the Public Excluded session of the 10 July 2014 Council meeting, the Council agreed to review the Reserves Strategy for the Amberley Township. The report presented the content of the Strategy and sought the Council’s view on whether a review was still considered necessary. The Council discussed the matter and agreed to leave the report to lie on the table for now.

Adoption of the Lochiel Drive Reserve Management Plan

At its 19 June 2014 meeting, the Council agreed to notify amendments to the Lochiel Drive Reserve Management Plan for public consultation, pursuant to section 41(6) of the Reserves Act 1977. Notification of the Council’s Plan was given for a period lasting two months, which closed on 22 August 2014. There were no submissions received, so the Council agreed to adopt the Lochiel Drive Reserve Amendment to the Reserves Management Plan.

Incorporation of Macquarrie Holdings Ltd Private Plan Change into the District Plan Review Process

Macquarrie Holdings Limited requested that their private plan change to rezone a 32.6ha site located on the corner of State Highway 7A and Woodbank Road from a General Management zone to a mix of Residential, Business and Open Space zoning, be included as part of the Hurunui District Plan Review process. The Council declined to incorporate the Macquarrie Holdings Limited Private Plan Change as part of the District Plan Review process, due to concerns about the proposed setbacks from the Hanmer Springs waste water treatment plant. The applicant would be advised of the Council’s preference regarding setbacks.

Adopting a Local Approved Products Policy for Public Notification

The Psychoactive Substances Act 2013 was passed in July 2013. The Act’s purpose is to regulate the availability of psychoactive products to protect the health of, and minimise the harm to, individuals who use psychoactive substances. The Act established the Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority within the Ministry of Health. The Authority is responsible for ensuring products meet adequate safety requirements before they can be distributed in New Zealand. It also licenses importers, researchers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
The Act allows the Council to create a Local Approved Products Policy (LAPP) to define and limit the location of premises selling psychoactive substances in its district. Complying with the local Council’s LAPP will then be a condition of consent when the Authority issues retail licences. A LAPP may include provisions that specify the location from which approved products may be sold. The Act does not allow councils to prohibit the sale of psychoactive products within the district, or place a cap or sinking lid on retailers of approved products.
The Council agreed that the proposed Local Approved Products Policy (described in option 3 of the report) be adopted before commencing the Special Consultative Procedure under the Local Government Act.

Disposal of Land, Leslie Hills Road

A Leslie Hills Road landowner requested that a narrow strip of land which crosses her property and is owned by the Council, be transferred back into her ownership, at no cost to her. The land was reserved in 1968 for the purposes of a future water race. However, the construction of the Amuri Irrigation Scheme superseded the need for the land. The Council agreed to dispose of the land, with costs being met by the Council, subject to those costs not exceeding $5,000. If costs are likely to exceed that amount, officers would report back to the Council.

Co-option of Additional Member to the Amberley Reserve Committee

The Amberley Reserve Committee is comprised of one ward councillor, three independent members and seven representatives of clubs that are regular users of the reserve. The Reserve Committee sought Council approval to co-opt an additional member from the Amberley Save Our Pool Committee. The Council approved that an additional committee member be co-opted as requested, for the remainder of the 2013-16 triennium.

Road Safety Action Plan – Hurunui District Council

Road Safety Action Plans provide a sense of urgency, focus and commitment to mitigate road safety risks. The plans record agreed local road safety risks; objectives and targets; actions; and monitoring and reviewing processes. Each plan is the result of collaboration by key road safety partners like the NZ Transport Agency, local and regional authorities, NZ Police and ACC. The plans are the primary mechanism for coordination of education, engineering and enforcement approaches to road safety problems at sub-regional levels. The Council received the Plan as attached and raised a number of issues for officers to convey to the Road Safety Coordinating Committee.

Roading Issues & Update

The Council received a summary of works undertaken by the road maintenance contractor for the three weeks prior to 23 September 2014 and a report back on issues raised at the last meeting. Councillors were also asked to raise any particular roading issues in their areas for officers to investigate and report back at the next meeting. The Roading Team also gave a presentation on the One Network Road Classification policy that the NZ Transport Agency is implementing, which seeks to classify all New Zealand roads into eight different categories.

Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee Update

The Council received its regular update from the Zone Committee. Of particular interest was the recent meeting in Waikari that was attended by over 300 local people. The major area of concern related to the impacts on dryland farmers of nutrient limits under the Hurunui-Waiau River Regional Plan.

Collaboration Projects with Canterbury Territorial Authorities

The Chief Executive Officer provided a report to update the Council on the recent collaboration between the Hurunui District Council and other territorial authorities. The Chief Executive Officer said the Canterbury Mayoral Forum Charter encouraged councils to work more collaboratively and there was good progress being made in a number of areas.