Council Meeting Update – 21 August 2014

Below is a brief summary of the reports and discussions from the 21 August 2014 Council meeting. The meeting agenda can be viewed here  (click on the relevant meeting)

Electoral System

The Local Electoral Act 2001 offers the choice between two electoral systems for local government elections: first past the post (FPP) and the single transferable vote (STV). Most local authorities have used FPP. Councils have the option to decide, by 12 September 2014, whether to stay with their current electoral system or change to the alternative system for the 2016 elections. The Hurunui District Council has always opted to use the FPP system and it agreed to continue to do so.

Professional Development for Elected Members

The Council approved the following professional development for elected members:

• LOD/LGNZ Governance Module – Mayor Winton Dalley and Cr Marie Black.

• LGNZ Financial Module (Long Term Plan and Rating) – Cr Dick Davison.

Request for Land Exchange – Olive Grove Reserve

The adjoining owner and lessee of the Council reserve known as the Olive Grove Reserve on Georges Road, Broomfield, requested that the Council consider a proposal to exchange a seven metre strip of the Council reserve on the western boundary for a seven metre strip of freehold land on the eastern boundary. This is in order to formalise the current access ways utilised by the applicant and the neighbour. The Council supported this application at its April 2014 meeting and this was publicly advertised in accordance with Section 15 of the Reserves Act 1977. No objections or submissions were received in response to the public advertising and the Council therefore formally approved the land exchange in accordance with the Reserves Act. It was agreed that the applicant would be responsible for all costs associated with the land exchange.

North Canterbury Sports Trust – Request for Lease of Council Land, Amberley

The North Canterbury Sport and Recreation Trust has requested the use of a portion of the Council property behind the re-use store in Carters Road, Amberley, for the purposes of building a fitness centre. The Council agreed to grant a lease of approximately 1500 m2 of Council land to the Trust for the purposes of constructing a fitness centre. The Council determined that the lease would be at no cost for the first five years and it would be reviewed at that point.

Dog Control Statistics 2013-14

The Dog Control Act requires Councils to develop a Policy on Dogs and then to report annually to the community and the Department of Internal Affairs. Reporting requirements are the number of registered dogs, how many owners have been classified under the various restrictions in the Act and the type of enforcement proceedings undertaken by the Council. The Council adopted the information provided (with some minor amendments) as its 2013-14 Annual Report in terms of section 10(a) of the Dog Control Act 1996 and resolved that it be publicly notified in “The News”.

Review of the Council’s Standing Orders – Rules of Debate

In April this year a revision of the Council’s Standing Orders was carried out to incorporate recent amendments to the Local Government Act 2002 and to correct a number of minor errors and numbering inconsistencies, as well as the removal of references to disestablished governance bodies and other suggested improvements. At its April meeting the Council adopted the recommended changes and after further discussion asked officers to report back with possible wording to more closely reflect the Hurunui District Council way of operating with respect to the rules of debate. The Council approved further amendments to its Standing Orders as detailed in the report, to generally allow more Chairperson discretion with respect to allowing a flexible and pragmatic approach to the rules of debate. Officers were also asked to report back on the opportunities and implications of recent amendments to the Local Government Act relating to members being permitted to participate in meetings via audio/visual technology.

Roading Issues & Update

The Council received a summary of works undertaken by the road maintenance contractor for the three weeks prior to 11 August 2014 and a current grading schedule was tabled at the meeting. Councillors were also asked to raise any particular roading issues in their areas for officers to investigate and report back at the next meeting.

LTP Consultation and Communication

The Local Government Act requires local authorities to have a Long Term Plan (LTP) in place at all times and to review it every three years. The reviewed LTP must be available to the public using the ‘special consultative procedure’ before the Council can adopt it. New changes to the Act will mean some changes to the way in which the Council consults with the public for the 2015-25 LTP. The report set out a plan for public engagement and communication for the LTP.

Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw 2010 Review

The Northern Pegasus Bay Coastal Management Plan is a collaboratively developed policy and strategy framework which sets out recommendations for the protection and appropriate use of the coastal area within Northern Pegasus Bay. The Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw 2010 was created to give effect to the Management Plan and is scheduled for review in 2015. The Waimakariri District Council has recently commenced a review of its bylaw and has invited the Hurunui District Council to participate in a collaborative working group. Hurunui District Council officers intend to commence a review of the Bylaw.

Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee Update

The Council received its regular update on the activities of the Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee.

Councillors Workshop on the Long Term Plan

The Council meeting concluded at lunchtime to allow the Council to hold an afternoon workshop on the Long Term Plan 2015-25.

Citizenship Ceremony

At 4.00pm, the Council held a ceremony for three new citizens and shared afternoon tea with them, their family and friends.