Council provides refuse and recycling for all businesses

The Hurunui District Council is now providing refuse and recycling to all businesses in the district.

Last year businesses could choose to contract a private collector and opt out of paying council’s collection rate. However, Waste Manager Sally Cracknell says this caused too many problems. “They would opt out but then leave rubbish out for us to collect or put in a neighbours pile.”

Having listened to Annual Plan feedback on the matter, the Council has decided to simply rate all businesses for their kerbside waste and recycling to “make it fairer on everyone”.

Businesses pay the same fee as the domestic collection for the service, which is $240 a year. They can leave up to three bags of either recycling or refuse at the kerb. They can substitute two of their three bags for flattened and securely tied cardboard.

The change came into effect at the beginning of July following the adoption of the Annual Plan and brings all areas in the district now onto the same footing.
Food and drink cans, newspapers and magazines, cardboard, office waste paper, junk mail, plastic bottles and carrier bags are all acceptable in the blue kerbside recycling bags (provided by the council). Recycling bags and cardboard collected from businesses are deposited into the compactor at the local transfer station before being transferred for sorting and recycling. This includes the plastic recycling bags themselves.

Bags found to contain glass bottles and jars will not be collected. (Glass can be recycled through the district’s transfer stations at no charge.)
Hessian or drum bags, garden sacks or wheelie bins will not be emptied. Rubbish bags must not contain any hazardous waste including tyres, car batteries or boxes of bottles and must weigh less than 15kg each.

Businesses can still make private arrangements for their collections, or collections of waste and recycling over and above the three bag limit set by the council.

For further information:

Sally Cracknell
Waste Manager
Hurunui District Council
03 314 0055