Council refurbishing

It’s a tight squeeze at the Hurunui District Council for the next few months. Staff are ‘double bunking’ in one part of the building while the builders tear down walls to make way for a more modern, open-plan, design that caters for both HDC and Environment Canterbury staff.

Environment Canterbury’s existing Markham Street offices are not up to current earthquake standards and, after considering repair and rebuild options, it was decided that the most cost-effective solution is to co-locate ECAN staff with the Hurunui District Council. Co-location has the triple benefit of containing cost, providing a ‘one stop shop’ for Council services in Hurunui, and facilitating HDC and ECAN staff to more easily work together.

The changes have been planned to cause little or no disruption to the public services available at the Council offices. As each part of the building is refurbished, staff will move around until the work is completed in about three months. Once complete, the new design will provide more room and the flexibility to cater for HDC and ECAN’s current and future needs.

For further information:               

Name: Audrey van der Monde
Position: Manager Public Services
Phone: 03 314 0012