Council seeks feedback on managing SNAs

20 November 2014


The Hurunui District Council is reviewing its District Plan as required by the Resource Management Act, and at the same time has to take into account National and Regional Policy Statements. As part of the review and in line with the biodiversity provisions in the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement, the Council has started asking for informal feedback from the community on Significant Natural Areas (SNAs). The Council wrote to individual landowners in September to tell them about the District Plan review and included a map of the existing boundary of current SNAs in the District Plan.  In this letter, Council acknowledged that most of the information on the current SNA boundaries contained inaccuracies, and that a revised boundary had been developed based on a desk top review using recent aerial photography. In order to better define SNAs, landowners were given a range of options to consider and provide feedback to the Council on. Council is pleased with the information and feedback it has received so far, and is still seeking feedback from landowners who have not yet replied.

Mayor Dalley commented that “the Council considered this to be a useful process to draw out the issues for discussion with individual farmers. We have taken a very reasonable and responsible approach by actively engaging with landowners at this stage of the process before the proposed plan is finalised”.” The Mayor confirmed that the intended timeline was to notify the proposed plan early in 2014 but Council has delayed this to allow for further dialogue with interested parties. Once the plan is finalised, it will then be notified for public submissions.

The Council is working closely with Federated Farmers and other farmer representatives to understand the issues and is talking to individual landowners about their concerns. “Good progress is being made with the District Plan review”, said Mayor Dalley, “and we are committed to working with landowners to resolve concerns”.


For further information contact:                

Judith Batchelor
Manager Environmental Services
03 314 0102