Council shaken by accident

Hurunui District Council is anxiously awaiting further information following today’s tragic accident at the lime quarry on Limeworks Road, near Waikari. The land that the quarry operation runs from is owned by the council, but is leased to Heathstock Haulage.

Hurunui District Council Chief Executive Officer, Hamish Dobbie said that details of today’s accident remain unclear, but the council would co-operate with all investigations.

“At the moment, we are on tenterhooks hoping that the trapped driver will miraculously be pulled out alive and unhurt. Our thoughts are also with the driver’s family at this terrible time”

"HDC has strong safety culture and expects all of our lessees to have the same commitment. To have this horrendous accident occur on land that we own is devastating to us."

Dobbie said he understood there would be police and Work Safe inquiries, and the council would comply completely with those.