Council Transfer Station to Move in February

In preparation for the relocation of its Amberley transfer station to its new Grays Road site, the Hurunui District Council has decided:

• The transfer station part of the Carters Road operation will close in February 2013. From that date the pick-up site will be from Grays Rd.

• Land use consent for the Grays Rd transfer station has been granted. At this stage only the transfer station itself plus a kiosk will be built. The Council will recruit one part-time employee to manage the weighbridge, and employ a contractor to operate the compactors.

• The Council is applying for resource consent to leave North Canterbury Community Resource’s recycling facility at 81 Carters Rd until February 2014. The re-use store would remain and be operated as at present until February 2014.

• The NCCR contract with the Council to collect and sort domestic green recycling bags from the kerbside will be extended to February 2014 which is the finite extent of the 3+1+1 year term.

• Waste Control New Zealand’s contract for the collection and transport of “black” and “green” bags from Hanmer Springs will be extended 4 months into the fourth year of the term, until February 2014, to bring the expiry date in line with the other contracts.

• Five year contracts for the collection of waste and recyclables from the kerbsides of all District townships will be publicly tendered in 2013, with a commencement date of February 2014. The contracts will include the disposal of residual (black bag) waste and also the disposal of recyclables. The contractor must divert the recyclables away from landfill but may choose to transport them unsorted out of the district or sort them here. If sorting them here, the contractor will have to provide the buildings and plant for that operation at his own expense. The Council may make consented land available at Grays Road for lease to the successful contractor(s), if they wish to construct a building for this purpose.

• The NZ Recovery/Container Waste contract to transport “dry waste” containers back to Christchurch for sorting will continue until the expiry of its five year term to November 2015 (unless both parties are willing to negotiate a shorter term to bring the contract in line with the others’ February 2014 anniversary).