Council Welcomes Outcome of Dog Attack Hearing

The Hurunui District Council has successfully prosecuted a dog owner from Leithfield which has resulted with the dog owner being sentenced today.

The owner had the two attacking dogs destroyed after the incident and has now been ordered to pay $1000 in fines, $1250 for emotional harm, $1639.19 for loss and damage, $678 solicitor's fees for the Hurunui District Council, and court costs of $130.

Court action was pursued by the council after a dog was attacked by other dogs whilst being walked on a leash in Leithfield in October 2017. The attacking dogs were not contained on their owner’s property.

The attacked dog, a standard poodle, died of its injuries and the person walking the dog suffered minor physical injuries, psychological trauma, and damage to her clothing as a result of the attack. The two dogs engaged in the attack were subsequently destroyed by the owner.

The council’s Regulatory Services Manager, Judith Batchelor, says she is pleased with the outcome of the hearing and welcomes the strong message the prosecution sends to dog owners in the district.

“The distress this type of incident causes for all involved in the aftermath of an attack is immense. We hope the outcome of this prosecution provides irresponsible dog owners with a wakeup call.”

“The council takes its responsibilities under the Dog Control Act very seriously and will continue to take prosecution action to hold dog owners to account for not keeping their dogs under control. It is important our community can use streets and public amenities without fear of attack or intimidation by dogs,” Batchelor says.

The owner of the poodle has since purchased a rescue collie-greyhound, and the court has awarded $350 towards this.