Date for New Freedom Camping Bylaw Set and Review Confirmed

Councillors have today confirmed that the implementation date of the district’s new Freedom Camping Bylaw will be 1 September 2018.  In addition, they have instructed council officers to conduct an immediate review of the bylaw and report back to the council by February 2019.

A notice of motion seeking to revoke the decision made at the last council meeting was debated and defeated.

The new bylaw was adopted at the last council meeting, and today’s decision confirms its implementation date.  The current Freedom Camping Bylaw, which dates back to 2011, will expire on 1 September 2018 when the new bylaw becomes effective.

Mayor Winton Dalley says when approving the bylaw, councillors were satisfied that the council had met the consultation requirements and the engagement process had been extensive.

“Managing freedom camping has been difficult and controversial across the country, and each council has tried hard to balance and manage the positive and negative aspects of this age-old but fast growing activity, cognizant of the Freedom Camping Act and the views of the community.”

“Our new bylaw will ensure freedom camping is proactively managed in our district and the review which councillors have instructed council officers to undertake will ensure issues arising will be dealt with through amendments to the bylaw.”

“In the interim, we will work with our communities to ensure this bylaw works and is fit for purpose.”

All the information on the new bylaw can be viewed on the council’s website and the interactive online map showing the areas in which freedom camping will be permitted or prohibited, can be viewed at:

freedom camping in new zealand