Delays Expected as Safety Improvements Begin on Amberley Beach Road

Diggers and chainsaws will be in operation on the main access route to Amberley Beach this week as work gets underway on essential road safety improvements.

Tree clearing and embankment reshaping is scheduled to start early in the new week (March 7th)

It’s the pre-cursor to an extensive widening and reshaping of the Amberley Beach Road/Hursley Terrace intersection.

Hurunui District Council Roading and Utilities Manager, David Edge, says the works are designed to enhance the safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

“The area attracts many short and long term visitors, heading to the likes of the camping ground, beach and golf course who are now also coming into increasing conflict with large trucks as traffic along the beach route continues to increase.

“The current roadway is simply not designed to cope with the volumes we are seeing and unless we address the deficiencies in the width and camber we risk a serious accident occurring along what is becoming an increasingly well-travelled route.”

The work (valued in the order of $800,000) will take around eight weeks to complete, during which time motorists can expect to experience short delays.

Traffic may need to be diverted at times.

Motorists will need to reduce their speed to 30kph throughout the worksite. Speeds will be monitored, and motorists are asked to take all due care and be considerate of other road users.

Upon completion, the improved section of the road will have a permanently reduced speed limit of 80kph through to Amberley Beach.

For further information contact:

David Edge

Roading and Utilities Manager

Hurunui District Council

P: 03 314 0053