District Plan Hearings Underway

After five years of extensive community and stakeholder engagement, the Hurunui District Council is about to commence the formal hearing of submissions on the proposed Hurunui District Plan.

The hearings will get underway on May 3 and the two one-week blocks are expected to conclude on May 20, however a reserve hearing week has been set aside from May 30. The hearing schedule has been set to make the process as easy as possible for submitters, by making it possible for them to be able to present their submissions on all issues at one time, as opposed to hearing the submissions grouped by individual issues and requiring them to come back several times. The hearings will be held in the Council Chambers at Amberley.

To view the proposed timetable and the supporting information, please visit our website

The hearings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.

The three hearing commissioners that make up the hearings panel are; Allan Cubitt (independent hearing commissioner and chair), and Councillors Marie Black and Dick Davison. After the hearings close, the panel will deliberate in-committee (i.e. in private), and will then make recommendations to the council on amendments to the District Plan. The council will then consider the recommended amendments and make its decisions.

Judith Batchelor, Manager of Regulatory Services, says that the plan is about looking towards the future and allowing Hurunui to grow and prosper while protecting the incredible landscapes and features that make our place so special.

“The plan is important because it will govern most activity in the district for the next 10 years. The council has worked hard to deliver a plan that provides the right balance between enabling development, recognising the risk from natural hazards and having appropriate levels of protection for the special values within the district.”

If you have any questions about the hearings process, please contact District Plan Review Team
03 314-8816 or planning@hurunui.govt.nz