District Plan Review Hearing now adjourned for four weeks

The Hurunui District Plan review panel, comprising independent commissioner Allan Cubitt and councillors Marie Black and Dick Davison, listened to submissions from the remaining submitters who wished to be heard last Thursday 19 May. The hearing has now been adjourned for 4 weeks to allow officers to prepare a written reply to the issues raised during the hearing.

The hearing is expected to reconvene on Monday 20 June.

The council is grateful to all of the interested parties that attended and/or presented to the hearing. Key issues during the week included managing utilities and rural production activities within the rural zone, and biodiversity - where a range of views were expressed about the appropriate methods for protecting ecosystems and indigenous biodiversity.

After two weeks of considering the large volumes of written material, the panel enjoyed undertaking site visits to various parts of the district on Friday to get a greater appreciation of the issues.

The council would also like to take this opportunity to express its sincerest gratitude to the Amberley Fire Brigade for allowing the use of their facilities for the second week of the hearing.
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