Hurunui offers to help neighbours in wake of big shake


The Hurunui District Council is making staff available to help out neighbouring districts in the wake of Saturday’s disastrous quake.

Mayor Garry Jackson says his district has been lucky with only very minimal damage or disruption to its communities.

“While the Hawarden area lost power for about an hour, our infrastructure has come through unscathed. That means all roading, bridges and water systems are operating normally.”

A couple of brick chimneys have collapsed and the Fire Service has secured others at risk of falling.

There have been no known casualties and NO state of emergency has been declared, though the local civil defence continues to monitor the situation.

Neighbouring Waimakariri district has not been so lucky, with a state of civil emergency declared there and in Christchurch, 30 minutes south of Hurunui.

Mayor Jackson has spoken to Waimakariri Mayor, Ron Keating, this morning and says it is very obvious this event has taken its toll.

“Our thoughts are obviously with those people who have lost homes and possessions and with our local authority colleagues managing the aftermath of this very sizeable shake.

“Where we can help we are happy to, whether this is providing additional building inspectors or roading engineers to help confirm building and roading integrity, utilities staff to help with stormwater and sewage issues (particularly in Kaiapoi), or administration and civil defence headquarters staff simply to give those working on this emergency some relief.”

The council is liaising with Waimakariri and the other authorities on areas where it could be of assistance.

As people start to move more freely around the district, Mayor Jackson says there are also reports of some cracks and superficial building damage coming to light in Hurunui.

Where people have concerns any building may be a danger he says they should immediately call 111.

Any other structural concerns should be reported to the council who will send an inspector out as soon as practical to check out the building.

If the damage is only minor, and not structural, people are advised to lodge their claim with the Earthquake Commission.

While the shake has rattled the region and the people in it, Mayor Jackson says, for those of us who have come through it virtually without a scratch, this is a timely reminder of the need to be prepared.

For further information contact:  
Garry Jackson
Hurunui District Council
03 314 0011

You will find any updates on the earthquake on our Civil Defence page.

Please also note: 

 We have called a halt to construction activity around the redevelopment of the Hanmer town centre.

This is because our main contractor, Fulton Hogan, has been diverted to assist with the emergency clean up following the big earthquake on Saturday September 4th.

We acknowledge their skills are required there and have put all our work in the town on hold in the interim.

Please accept our apologies for any additional inconvenience this may cause, but we are sure you will understand.