Farmer access to stockwater

Environment Canterbury today offered its support to farmers facing particular challenges in their use of water for stock during the “big dry”.

Resource Management Director Kim Drummond said it is crucial that farmers have access to the water they need for stock, while at the same time recognising the rules and potential environmental impacts.

”Access to stockwater is top priority not only for farmers themselves but also for the region’s ability to come through the dry spell without undue longer term effects,” Mr Drummond said.

“If a farmer’s access to stockwater is subject to resource consent conditions, Environment Canterbury will carefully consider those conditions and the individual’s circumstances with the current extraordinary situation firmly in mind.”

Farmers needing information or advice about the rules or their own situation should call Customer Services on 0800 324 636. For general information on river flows or irrigation restrictions go to the and search on River Flow and Irrigation Restrictions.
“We will do everything we possibly can to help farmers get access to stockwater at this difficult time,” Kim Drummond concluded. ”We certainly don’t want livestock or their owners to suffer unnecessarily.”