Good progress on State Highway 1 - Parnassus to Kaikoura

The NZ Transport Agency's crews are working hard to clear a single lane south of Kaikoura along SH1, and have made good progress in the past three weeks.

Up to 200,000 cubic metres of debris came down in 25 slips along the route during the earthquake between Oaro and Peketa. Crews have now cleared or partially cleared 13 of these slips, and are currently working on the 14th and 15th slips – the two largest along the route. These are located just north of the Paratitahi railway tunnels.

All slip material on the south side of Kaikoura is being stockpiled with rock sorted for future use.
Container bunds/ barriers are in place near the railway tunnel and one tunnel has been cleared with photos posted on the NZ Transport Agency's South Island Facebook pages yesterday. Partially cleared slips have bunds/ barriers and containers in place for the safety of road users.

The Transport Agency is aiming to restore controlled, single lane access for residents and essential services on the road south of Kaikoura by mid-December, dependent on weather and any further earthquakes, says Transport Agency Regional Performance Manager Pete Connors.

Abseil Access SH1

The Abseil Access crew works to clear a 50 tonne boulder at Slip 14, south of Kaikoura along SH1.