Grays Road Intersection Gets An Upgrade


Work to improve the safety of road users entering and exiting Grays Road at the intersection on State Highway One (SH1) is now complete, after the Hurunui District Council’s contractors carried out a significant work programme over the past few weeks.

The project became necessary after a change in traffic dynamics and the increased numbers of vehicles turning onto Grays Road from SH1.  The improvements include a new concrete traffic island on Grays Road with additional ‘Give Way’ signs, widening of SH1 to allow for a right turn bay into Grays Road, improved drainage and the widening of the SH1 road shoulder to create a sealed parking area.

Roading Team Leader, Kushla Tapper, says the improvements the council has made will have an immediate impact on the road safety for drivers using the intersection.

“Previously, anyone heading south and turning right onto Grays Road had two choices; pull off to the left and let the main traffic pass you and hope for a gap, or stay in the lane and hope that the traffic behind you either stops or goes around you.”

“The completed upgrade now allows for a safe place for right turning traffic to wait in, significantly reducing the likelihood of a rear-end crash.  The new traffic island at the entry to Grays Road also makes turning in and out of the intersection safer, with the additional ‘Give Way’ sign more visible,” Tapper says.

The intersection improvements were funded as part of the council’s Minor Improvements Programme, which is subsidised by the New Zealand Transport Agency at a rate of 51% for every dollar the council commits, in order to improve the safety of our district’s road users.