Green light for Amberley Shopping Centre Development

Resource consent has been approved for a 3,564sqm supermarket building in the new Brackenfields shopping centre development which will soon be underway in Amberley. Progressive Enterprises Ltd have signed a lease with the Alamidas shareholders (owners of Brackenfields), for a Countdown Supermarket which is planned to be open for business by 31 January 2014.

Over 100 local people are likely to be employed in the new supermarket which will stock a range of more than 20,000 products in a building that is very similar in size to the new Rangiora Countdown that opened earlier this year. The Amberley store is consented to be open Monday through to Sunday from 7:00am to 10:00pm and will feature many of the design hallmarks of the new generation Countdown stores, including wider aisles, an expansive fresh produce section, on-site butcher and a full-service bakery producing fresh baked goods daily.

Development is wide spread throughout the Hurunui district, but the Amberley and Leithfield areas have been experiencing the greatest growth in the last 18 months. Mayor Winton Dalley says that “success begets success” and that this is especially apparent in the flourishing Amberley ward, in fact the latest Statistic New Zealand figures show the Hurunui district as the second fastest growing district in New Zealand.

“Amberley is an inviting town offering accessible services and a safe and supportive living environment” said Mayor Dalley. “Through responsible growth and aesthetic improvements, the community have created an active and vibrant town centre that retains a rural spirit, surrounded by attractive, safe and highly liveable neighbourhoods.

“Developers want to invest here and people want to live here. Quite simply, Amberley is a better place to live, work and play than it has ever been.”

The 2.79Ha Brackenfields shopping centre site has provision for a range of proposed activities including 2,305sqm of various retail and speciality shops, including takeaway foods and office activities - 12 separate shops in total (756sqm of mezzanine and first floor office space). There is provision for a 300sqm ale house restaurant with an associated 100sqm courtyard area, public toilets and possibly a bank.

340 car parks will be formed, and a number of design features have been included to ensure the character is in keeping with the surrounding area such as the sympathetic use of cladding materials and recessive colours. The generous planting plan includes an extensive use of large trees and shrubs.

A walking access link to the Oakfields residential developments will be included as well as three vehicle entry and exits (one on Carters Road and two on Amberley Beach Road).

"This development is going to change the face of not only Amberley but also that of the entire Hurunui District and it is now at an exciting stage after a long journey” said Mayor Dalley. “The developers and Council have worked together for a number of years to take the project from concept, through the sometimes challenging but necessary phases of market research and analysis, planning and design. Significant effort has gone in to developing and refining the project, culminating in the developers confidently committing to proceed with the project.

“We are fiercely protective of our rural character; it is why people move here and it is why they stay here. We are also very conscious of the need to strike a balance that will retain the small town character and friendly feel enjoyed by our residents, while also encouraging sufficient development and growth to secure economic vitality and sufficient critical mass to support essential services and employment opportunities. We need to be able to offer career opportunities, particularly to our young people, to enable them to remain within the district. We also need to be optimistic that this new commercial development can complement and accommodate existing businesses and enterprises that have faithfully served this community for many years."