Green light for new Amberley subdivision

Council officers have approved a resource consent application lodged by Ambers Property Development Limited for a 40 lot subdivision at 50 Amberley Beach Road. The proposed subdivision will create 36 residential lots in both the Residential 1 and 2 (Amberley) Zones, as well as two utility reserves, one road reserve and balance land of 26.609 hectares.

This application was the first stage of a multi-stage development to urbanise the land located behind the proposed shopping centre site. The proposal will create two roads, a principal road with a 20 metre wide legal road (with an 11 metre wide carriageway) will be formed and sealed off Amberley Beach Road and a smaller cul-de-sac will also be created. The principal road will, in the fullness of time, serve the wider development proposal.

The utility reserves will have dual purpose of being recreation areas as well as providing stormwater attenuation. The proposal provides for a pedestrian/cycleway link to Clifford Place and the proposed shopping centre site.

For further information contact:

Helga Rigg
Senior Planner
Phone 03 314 0020