High Level of Satisfaction with Council Continues

Friday 17 May 2013

Hurunui District Council’s annual survey of 500 residents and ratepayers has again confirmed a high level of overall satisfaction with the Council’s performance.

Surveyed in February 2013, a respectable 78% of the 500 respondents said that they were either very satisfied or satisfied with the Council’s performance. Satisfaction with the Mayor and Councillors’ performance continues to sit at 76%, and the Hanmer Springs residents’ satisfaction with the overall performance of the Hanmer Springs Community Board rose to 82%.

Of the 322 respondents that had contacted Council offices, 75% were satisfied with the overall service they had received.

This year respondents were asked about their perception of the Council. 74% were confident the Council staff know how to do their job, 81% trust the Council staff to do a good job, 76% trust in the councillors' decision making, and 84% trust the Council to manage its debt level.

New questions were also asked about the audience for key Council documents - 29% of respondents have read a full Hurunui District Council annual plan, 48% had seen a summary of an annual plan. Interest in the annual report is lower, 15% have read one of Hurunui District Council’s full annual reports. 46% have seen an annual report summary. The Council publishes the summaries in the Hurunui News and all of the documents are available on its website and through its service centres and libraries.

The top priorities reported for rates spending continue to be roads (81%), water supply and drainage (54%), and waste management (27%), with community services following closely in fourth position at 23%.

69% of respondents were satisfied with the way rates are spent by the Council.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Dalziel says that in addition to providing its day-to-day services throughout the year, the Council had worked through a number of significant issues “with things like the Meridian Windfarm, targeted tourism rate review, and the relocation of the Amberley Transfer Station currently underway, it’s good to see the latest results reflecting a high degree of resident and ratepayer confidence in the way the Council conducts its affairs.”

Mr Dalziel acknowledges there is still work to be done, but is comfortable the Council is moving in the right direction and is cementing its reputation as a high performance organisation.

The full Resident and Ratepayer Satisfaction Survey 2013 report can be found here.