Hurunui District Council increases its meetings

11 November 2013

Hurunui District Council is to increase the frequency of its council meetings to meet three weekly instead of monthly. The move follows a unanimous decision by the newly elected council at its inaugural meeting last month, to dispense with the former Strategy and Policy Committee.

“Issues at the Strategy and Policy Committee were often the concern of our full council,” says Mayor Winton Dalley.  “The membership was the same but delegations for the committee were not, so sometimes the council had to consider matters that were referred to it by the committee.  By removing this committee and increasing the frequency of our council meetings council decision making will be more efficient and responsive.”

The council also agreed to increase the delegations of its two main committees, Finance, Audit and Risk and the Regulatory Committee. 

“Having these two committees with expanded delegations and membership will enable them to focus on areas that require specific focus, “says Mayor Dalley.

“Having a committee meeting with a particular emphasis such as finance enables us to work through a number of finance-related issues and reports that were previously sprinkled through various meetings.  Separating them out will increase efficiency.  The finance committee will meet monthly and the regulatory committee every two months”.


For further information contact:

Audrey van der Monde
Manager Community and Corporate Services
03 314 0012 / 0275 283 739